Student Discipleship

@ Fellowship Baptist Church

Student Defines our focus:

7th-12th grade students and their family.

Discipleship defines our purpose:

Making growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Fellowship defines our relationships:

Disciples living interconnected lives.

Baptist defines our beliefs:

Click HERE for a statement of our beliefs.

Church defines our context:

Students fully engaged in the body of Christ.

Wednesday // 6:00-7:45 PM


Our Midweek gathering focuses on equipping students to know and apply the Bible to every area of their lives. While our Sunday morning Bible study aims at understanding the the depth of Scripture, Midweek aims at understanding the breadth of Scripture through expositional study of a topic. Our theme this summer is Cults & World Religions as we will look at the truth of Biblical Christianity compared to the truth claims of the other major religions and false Christian religions throughout the world.

Our Summer Schedule is June 19, 26; July 17, 24;
August 7, 14.

Sunday // 9:30-10:15 AM


Sunday mornings our students gather to study the Bible together. We study book-by-book through the Bible combining solid exegesis and student-directed discussion in order to understand the meaning and application of the Bible.


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