A fired up church, 

radically obedient to a passionate pursuit

of knowing god

and making him known

Take The Next Step is our plan to grow as disciples of Jesus. the goal is to be healthy worshipers, church members, and missionaries.

Taking the Next step in


Begin even now preparing for our worship gathering this coming Sunday. 

Begin by reading the sermon passage (Acts 27 on 10/11). Be praying for yourself, your pastors, and those who will be leading in various ministries. 

Commit yourself to attendance

Plan to engage in all the elements of the worship gathering, be on time,  and come ready to give of the many different resources God has blessed you with. 

Taking the next step in


How are you moving toward deeper relationships within the church? 

Are you a formal member? Read the short book "Why Should I Join a Church?" by Mark Dever for more on this. 

How are you serving the church using your unique gifts, passions, and abilities?

Are you growing in the Word of God?

Are you involved in one-on-one discipleship?

Take the next step in


How are you building relationships with others who are not part of our church?

What are you doing to grow in. your knowledge of the gospel and your ability to share it?

Who will you invite to join you at church this Sunday?

When was the last time you shared the gospel with someone?

(see below for evangelism resources)


There are many resources available to help each of us grow as we all strive toward sanctification with the ultimate goal of impacting our community for the gospel. Below are some resources to help you grow in each of the three purposes of the church. 

You can get the books through the link provided, from Amazon, 

or by asking the pastor (he has a few copies of most of these books available).


Book: What if I Don't Feel Like Going to Church?

Author and pastor Gunner Gunderson diagnoses the human heart and offers biblical insight on the importance of being involved in the local church—even when you don’t feel like it.

Expository Listening, by Ken Ramey will help you  partner with the preacher so that the Word of God accomplishes its intended purpose of transforming your life.

The short, easy to read book Listen Up: A practical guide to listening to sermons is available for the asking (we have quite a few copies) or click here.


Book: Why Should I Join a Church? by Mark Dever. 

This short 44 page book outlines seven biblical reasons to be a church member. 

The first two chapters of Donald Whitney's Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life outline the importance of Bible intake in a Christian's life.

One to One Bible Reading by David Helm gives you. simple framework for both one-to-one discipleship  and evangelism.


The best place to start is by memorizing the relevant Scripture passages. 

Click Here for our Gospel Learning Kit:


Book: The Gospel and Personal Evanglism by Mark Dever

Book: The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon

Pick up a Door Hanger in or grab a few Inviter Cards in the foyer.