We are all built for relationship - for community.

This is part of the Imago Dei - the image of God that exists in every one of us. God is a perfect trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Godhead exists in perfect unity and community. He designed us to be in relationship with one another. 

As believers, we have been radically changed at the very center of our being and God, in His ultimate, eternal, perfect wisdom has placed us in community with one another. 

As we “do life together” - we’ll grow in the depth of our relationships with one another. Primarily because of what is plainly spelled out in Ephesians 4:1-6.


The home is the context in which we pursue and develop our closest, relationships. When we invite others into our home, we’re doing much more than allowing them to enter a structure that we control, we’re welcoming them into the center of our lives. There’s something tangible, yet not physical, about this. 

When we gather in someone’s home together as believers, we’re catalyzing deeper relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Gathering with spiritual purpose, can yield significant results. 

This is why, on Sunday afternoons & evenings, we invest time and energy in Home Groups. The goal is to not just grow in our understanding of and love for Christ, but to grow in depth of love for one another and foster the community that God has gathered us in.