While we are unable to gather for Midweek over the next several weeks, we will be joining with youth groups all across the U.S. and the world in doing Youth Group at Home provided by YM360. (Just a note, Generate Camp we attended last summer is a ministry of YM360.) Since YM360's four week live-stream series started during our Spring Break, we will be one week behind the live stream. But that's okay, because that means we can watch anytime.



STEP 1: Watch the video. I encourage you to watch during our normal Midweek time on Wednesday evening. If possible, watch with your parents or family.

STEP 2: Discuss. If you watched as a family, take a few minutes to discuss using the discussion questions below. If you watched alone, call or text another student to discuss.

STEP 3: Share. I encourage you to answer the share question by texting, messaging, or emailing Ed Willoughby.

April 5-11, 2020

Session 3

Video Coming soon

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some big questions we are asked in our lives?
  2. Of the three questions implied in the passage ("Who are you?" "What do you want?" and "Where are you headed?"), which one got your attention? Why?
  3. How does your identity in Christ influence the way you see yourself?
  4. How does your identity in Christ influence the way you see the world around you?
  5. In your own words, what does it mean to be a "new creation" when we come to saving faith in Jesus?
  6. Andy asked an important question, "How are we spending the life that Jesus purchased for us?" How about it? Are you "filling your bucket" with things that matter?

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You will steer your life to achieve the things you think are most important. 

Where is your life headed? Do you need to make a course correction based on priorities that are a little out of whack? What steps can you take to give God more control of your life?

MARCH 29-April 4, 2020


Discussion Questions

  1. Can you relate to the "newness" of your faith wearing off? What are some ways we as Christ-followers can re-discover a fresh faith? In other words, what can we do to breathe new life back into our relationship with God?
  2. How are you putting down deep roots in your relationship with God?
  3. What are some ways in which teenagers can be made to feel inadequate by the world around them?
  4. When Andy talked about there being satisfaction in Jesus, how did this hit you? When have you needed to be reminded that Jesus is all you need in this life?
  5. When we come to faith in Jesus, the Apostle Paul says that Jesus cancels our sin debt by nailing it to the cross. What an amazing visual! Think of someone who needs to hear this message, someone who does not have a saving relationship with Jesus. What can you do to make sure they hear it?

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How has God helped you when you needed it most?

March 22-28, 2020

Session 1

Discussion Questions

  1. One of the ways Jesus changes us is that He expects us always to be growing closer to Him. How do we grow closer to God?
  2. How are you doing in your prayer life these days? How are you doing in your Bible reading? What if, during this challenging time in our world, you recommitted to getting to know God better? How would that change the way you see the world around you?
  3. Do you remember why the Colossians found themselves in a chaotic place? We find ourselves in a chaotic situation too. In your own words, share what it is about our current culture that feels chaotic to you.
  4. We learned that Jesus is bigger than anything we face in culture. Paul says in Colossians 1:17 that “in him all things hold together.” How does this truth help you make it through the times we find ourselves in?
  5. One of the most amazing truths we learned today is that Jesus changes the way God sees us. If we have been saved from our sins by our faith in Jesus, God sees you as His child, holy, guilt-free, and above any accusation. How does that make you feel? How does it change the way you see the purpose of your life.

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Our first teaching point was that Jesus changes how we see ourselves.

How has Jesus changed you?