Student Discipleship

Student Discipleship at Fellowship Baptist Church

disciples students through

collaboration with the family and the church. 

Student defines our focus:

Middle & High School students and their families. 

Discipleship defines our purpose:

Make growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Fellowship defines our relationships:

Disciples living interconnected lives with one another.

Baptist defines our beliefs:

Click here for a statement of our beliefs.

Church defines our context:

Students fully engaged in the body of Christ.

Bible Study

SUnday // 9:30-10:20 am

Join us on Sunday mornings we study through The Book of Judges. Each Sunday morning our Family Pastor leads our students to dive into Scripture. Students read and discuss the meaning and application of the text together. Our Bible study combines solid exegesis, student-directed discussion, and adults from our church who love the Word of God and teenagers.

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 am!


Wednesday // 6:00-8:00 pm

Join us this Fall for BIG QUESTIONS!

Students encounter and experience many big questions of faith in their daily lives. Questions such as How do we know God exists? How do we know what truth is or that there even is such a thing called truth. Questions regarding the relationship between faith and science. In this series we tackle some of the big questions of faith from two perspectives. First, we consider the Biblical worldview answers to these questions. Second, we consider how to discuss these issues with other people (something we call apologetics). So join us this fall as we begin the process of answering some big questions.


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